Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Capen Road

Being a late fall day, after a night of tremendous rain and high winds, the gloom that comes through in the pictures was, in truth, the day. The sky maintained its ominous dark clouds and smatterings of rain could be felt off and on.

I'm sure there is a story behind this relatively small, but intriguing waterfall system. As I drove along The Capen Road (because it is not referred to as Capen Road, but in true Mainer fashion is referred to as The Capen Road) I spied this stream flowing downhill and then over a man-placed wall which created a waterfall. The stream then flows around trees and islands of duress to another retaining wall with a spillway smack in the middle of the expanse.

From this spillway the water flows under the bridge and at the other side of the roadway flows over or rather through, another spillway. The stream then continues on down through the woods where it eventually supplies a small lake.
I'll have to stop one day during the Spring and speak to the old farmer who lives just two doors up the road from this fall system. I'm guessing that it may have been built to provide electricity or run a saw mill some time in the past.

I was not going to walk the woods today. Too damp, too wet, too cold! Although my sister thinks a nice spring walk is in order, I'd prefer the fall walk without the black flies and mosquitoes. I do keep wondering why I've not noticed this stream before. The Capen Road is a back road I travel to my sister's house from the interstate ... in order to shave off a few miles, minutes and downtown traffic. Such as the traffic is in a small community.

Further along the road ... some cattle ... this breed I've seen at the fair in early fall but cannot recall the name.


Remo said...

Could they be sediment dams? I kow many farmers and towns use them to slow the rush of sediment into local lakes.

You live in a pretty area.

Lisa :-] said...

Beautiful pics, Kathy. (Oh! and here's Remo! He and I have sort of been getting into it over at Wearin' My Heart On My Sleeve...LOL!)

Hubs and I have spent the past several Sundays driving around in our local wine country. Beautiful scenery and some great tasting. I'm going to try to post some of my pics...somewhere.

~ Lor said...

So beautiful. You are so lucky to have such scenery!

Celeste said...


sizzie said...

I just surfed in here and see your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.