Monday, March 2, 2009

Good News!

I've had an interesting few months what with dental woes, all this snow and 'that darned camera' I broke. Well, it wasn't me, exactly, because the problem was a defect in construction, more or less, I guess.

I digress!

Good News! The box store that my first digital camera was purchased from honored my extended warranty (worth the little bit of money in my case), sent the camera out for repair, sent it on to Nikon, who advised them no repair can be made and I have been authorized to purchase a new camera!

Of course, this purchase must take place at the box store I made the original purchase from just under four years ago ... but that's okay! I have a nearly $500.00 credit and with the stash I've got put aside, I may just be able to move up to the camera I've been hoping for.

"Which one?" you ask. I dunno. I was all set for a Nikon digital SLR and then a Cannon Rebel and then back to a Nikon ... so I am going to shop a bit and then decide.

... and here's a little something for your winter pleasure ... not that we need any more reminders, or anything ...


Fleecenik Farm said...

Yay for you! You need some good news.

That is a funny picture. I realized that the picture was taken from the POV of someone lying down not standing up!LOL

Debra said...

dude! my verification word is "debeck" {*gasp*}, grins, debra

wait, i forgot the comment i was gonna leave {cuz i gotta lil brain which doesn't hold a thought for longer than a micro-milli-second}

tap, tap, tap...

oh! way cool about the camera {way way cool and about time too, dammit dude}