Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two BackYard Beauties & Cape Ann Golf Course

Queen's Tiara Iris
Lacy Ruff Iris

Cape Ann Golf Course
This is part of the view from the fourth hole at Cape Ann Golf Course. Yes, the clubs are there purposefully. The lighter color at the line of the horizon are the dunes of the 'back side' of Crane's Beach.

The sun was shining, the ocean breeze was constant and if I hadn't been golfing I could have been birding. Today was an amazing golf day.

Off to the left out of sight I could see the Crane Estate's castle ... and then as your eyes pan right you see the great marsh, an island and then further off the picture to the right the mouth of the Essex River, Conomo Point and the Essex salt marsh.

To golf here at this course today was like being on vacation. Add to that my playing ability today -- shocking how well I played!


Lisa :-] said...

Well, if this golf day was part of your "staycation," I think it has been a success in at least some small way...

Anonymous said...

I believe I responded to one of your emails by saying you should golf. So I will take credit for this glorious day. Uhm, ok, maybe not.
I love the Iris shots.~Mary

Coelha :B said...

What a pretty place to be at... I would learn how to golf just to walk this course. :) Have a great week! Julie