Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm slowly, but surely, organizing my digital photos on the PC. I have been making new folders, giving more meaning to labels ... ie: 2007 Emily Bday or 2008 Salisbury Beach, that sort of thing. Labeling by year and event works well. At least, it appears to work well. But I have years worth of photos that are just 'there' waiting patiently to be sent to a folder or have their own folder.

Today, I was sorting and came across a few ... that I thought I'd post. Nothing terribly special, just some shots, that at the time of the taking were interesting to me. For some reason.

2008 Late afternoon in late summer at the golf course.
2007 'shrooms growing in the lawn

2008 Early fall afternoon sky

2007 Organic Twins

2007 Bee or wasp nest fallen from the eave

2007 Garden Snake