Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Been A While

So I'm posting a little drivel and some pictures from a recent road trip to Maine.

Drivel: three dolled up Flamingos. Feather'd crowns and sparkly beads and heels. This little ornament adorns my sister's Pink Bathroom Pink Flamingo Tree ... (I have one too ... but mine is currently hiding in the kitchen drawer)

A fresh water marsh in Gardiner, Maine.

The 'big beach' at Kennebunk, Maine.

Water rushing through a sluice, Gardiner, Maine.
I have no idea where the time goes or why I don't have my camera with me every single time I leave this house. I miss way too many good picture opportunities.
Got to get myself in the habit.


Jeanie said...

I have enjoyed visiting your journal today. The photos are wonderful! I love seeing other people's slant on views they have seen.
Jeanie xx

Lainey Laine said...

hello Kathy, I like your photos! yes your right we should carry a camera with us all the time! You never know what is ahead and yes doesnt the time fly by so quickly! I like your facebook tag on your blog. How did you do that? Laine xxxx

Wil said...

I pretty much solved the 'take the camera with me' by getting a cell phone with a 12 megapixel CCD in it. My wife went me one better with a phone that has a xenon flash. Do I remember to use it? Not usually...

Barb said...

Hello again. You were the first to stop by my new journal. Thank you so much for that. As for your pics? They are awesome. Maine was one place I wanted to go when my hubby and I were trucking. We got to go but once and I fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing pics..and yourself. It is SO GREAT to be in touch with you.