Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ta! Daaaaah!

The very first picture from my new camera. Put the battery in, turned the camera on, pointed and voila! Mac is the subject for that moment.
Tiffy, the cockatoo who came to visit me at work last week. He rode in on his owner's shoulder and then had a nice visit with me while his owner took care of some business.

Snowdrops, I think. These were found the other day on a walk out with my sister. We were at Bradly Palmer State Park looking at one of the old houses there.

Second floor sun room. That's what I want!

The carriage house has fallen to ruin, but I understand that a lease has been signed for this property.

There you have it. Some first shots from the new camera. These are all fully automatic shots. Now I've got to get myself back into the swing of working manually.


Lisa :-] said...

Very nice. I love new cameras, don't you?

Mortimer said...

Guess who's reading your blog? ME!!! lol!